Why Tea Should Be Served In A Perfect Teapot?

It is great to watch when someone brings tea and pours it out from a teapot. Teapots have always been a mark of class. It is taken that one who has an expensive collection of teapots also has a great taste of decoration. Many interior designers use teapots as a piece of furniture which makes the house look very trendy and smart.

There are many styles and colour available in teapots, one can choose according to their taste and preference. There are also rules that as there are variations in tea, same goes with teapots too. There are many materials from which teapots are made. Among all, there are few best which can be used on a daily basis.

With keeping the designs and usefulness in mind, here are few materials best for teapots

Glass teapots:

Most of the tea lovers love to keep glass teapots in their houses. They have many advantages as they are easy to clean, transparent looks clean and also, if handled with care can last for many years. The best part is that it is cost efficient too. It comes in many designs and shapes. It is great to see how the simple dry leaves turn into tea, and the full process can be seen if tea is made in a glass teapot. Glass does not have any natural odour so when hot water is poured in they leave no extra smell. If the teapots get stained then, it can be cleaned with just a soap solution. Bodum introduces assam tea press which are the best choice of teapots to impress the guests with the looks and designs.

Clay teapots:

The most beautiful and classy teapots are found in clay models. The earthen teapot adds taste to the tea served in it. It also keeps the tea hot for a longer time. Chinese people have been using it for a long time as they have some natural qualities and when hot water is poured in, it realises the properties. Among all the options, the best ones are the Yixing clay. These are very good, as per looks and designs. They are preferred by many. These are the most durable and if maintained properly can last for a longer time.

There are few materials which should be avoided when buying teapots. Aluminium, plastic, uncoated iron, is very harmful and can spoil the tea when poured in. it also sometimes gives a foul smell.

The best way to enjoy tea is by serving it in a teapot which is best in look. It always manages to impress the guest and also makes them feel special. Bodum brings new assam tea press which are also the best to gift one’s beloved.


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