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The Best Hairbrushes and Combs for Men’s Hairstyling

The Best Hairbrushes and Combs for Men’s Hairstyling

It is evident that women are far more conscious about hairstyling and they are selective about their choices regarding hairbrushes and combs. But the fact is that, every man should be equally careful about choosing a quality hairbrush or comb because the hair quality and styling depends mostly on the choice of these handy equipments. Men can select among a wide range of hairbrushes and combs, but they should be careful about selecting according to individual hair texture and pattern.

While purchasing these hair styling equipments, one should be careful about the quality of bristles. There are basically two types of bristles available and the choice should be made according to hair length and texture. On the other hand, there are different types of combs as well. The major categories are wide toothed and narrow toothed combs. The following list of hairbrushes and combs will help a man to select according to needs and preferences.

Mason Pearson hairbrush
Mason Pearson hairbrush

Boar Bristle Round Brush

This is perhaps the best hairbrush for men. The boar bristle round brush is a popular hair brush which suits almost any hair texture and length. One of the most popular brands that men can opt for is the Mason Pearson Hairbrush, which comes with boar bristles. This particular kind of round hairbrush is popularly known as military hairbrush. The boar bristles are soft and they do not pose any harm to the hair scalp. On the other hand, regular use of boar bristle round hair brush can provide radiant and healthy hair.

Nylon Bristle Round Brush

These round hairbrushes are available with nylon bristles, as well. The density of the nylon bristles can be selected according to individual needs and requirements. Men with lengthy hair can use nylon bristle round brush in order to get their styling perfect. These round hairbrushes can be used to create neat hair styling for men.

Wide Toothed Comb

This particular comb is perfect for men with long hairs. It is mainly used for detangling purpose. Regular use of wide toothed comb can reduce tangles within the hair and it makes the hair look healthy. In fact, this particular type of comb can be used after hair wash in order to restrict scalp damage, as well.

Fine Toothed Comb

Men can use fine toothed comb for styling purpose. This comb is particularly effective for straight hairs because it removes the unwanted frizzes and curls that occur after straightening. Men with straight hair should use this particular type of comb in order to make sure that there are no hidden frizzes or tangles.

Mason Pearson detangling comb
Mason Pearson detangling comb

Wooden Massage Combs

Besides detangling the hair, wooden massage combs help in massaging the scalp. This increases blood circulation in the scalp region. Men witnessing hair fall syndromes can use these wooden massage combs for effective results.

Poor quality brushes and combs might cause harm to the scalp and the hair quality; therefore, one should be careful about quality. Purchasing Mason Pearson detangling comb might prove to be a valuable decision.