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Aspects that Make Bodum Double Walled Glasses Unique

Bodum is a prominent name in the world of glassware. The Bodum double walled glasses are unique in every aspect. Starting from unique style to elegant design; these double walled glasses are sure to add elegance to the kitchen.

Bodum Double Walled Glasses- A Brief Idea

Bodum double walled glasses are commonly used as wine glasses, but there are numerous instances when they are used as coffee mugs as well. It is a type of Borosilicate based glass which first started evolving in the nineteenth century. Since then it has undergone various changes in the design and style. This particular type of glassware is highly different from the conventional glasses. Boron is mixed while manufacturing Bodum double walled glasses and this makes the glasses resistant to heat and chemical. In addition to this, borosilicate glasses are strong when compared to the regular glasses and they are light at the same time. These unique characteristics are present in the Bodum double walled glasses, as well, because it is a modern version of borosilicate glasses which involves an advanced manufacturing technique.

Aspects that make Bodum Double Walled Glasses Unique

Style, elegance and quality define Bodum brand glassware. Same is applicable for the Bodum double walled glasses, as well. Apart from this, there are various other aspects that make these glasses unique in their own way. Let us have a look:

  • The Bodum double walled glasses are stylishandthey are sure to add an extraspark to thekitchen. Theseglasses are mostlyused as wine glasses, but one can use them forservingcoffee, tea, juicesandvariousotherjuices.
  • Besides thestyleanduniquedesign, thesedouble walled glasseshavevarious operational benefits, as well. Whilehotdrinks are served in theseglasses, theouterwalls of theglassesstayunaffected. Thesamethinghappenswhileserving something cold.
  • They are resistant to breakingandscratches that happen after prolongeduse. Until and unless extraforce is applied to theseglasses, theystayintact.
  • Bodum double glassed glasses can withstandextremetemperaturechanges. On theotherhand, normalglassescrackwhenexposed to extremetemperatures.
  • Bodum double glassed windows are safeforuse in microwaves andanynormal dishwasher can be used in order to washtheseglasses. On theotherhand, regularglassescrack after prolongedexposure to microwave.

Bodum manufactured Glassware is undoubtedly the best choice as far as functional benefits and style is concerned. There are various online stores that offer these double-walled glasses for sale.