Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glass

Bodum Double Wall Glass for Your Sweet Home and Party

Glasses are basically used for fancy purposes. Who does not know the name of Glass-made appliances as cups, mugs, glasses, dishes, etc.? You will get the best set of glasses of the modern world, the name of which is bodum glasses. These glasses are double walled and with improved materials (borosilicate). This is a kind of toughened glasses, and so, they do not break easily. Being double walled, they prevent the outer surface of it to be hot or cold according to the substance contained in the glass.

Traditional glass and bodum glasses

The bodum glasses are really the best set of glasses made with the improved technology. The glasses are made with borosilicate. The German glass maker, Otto Schott, invented this type of glass in 19th century. This is invented with the mixture of quartz, calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate and boron. When the boron is present in the mixture, you will get a toughened glass that is heat registrant, scratch free and lighter than the traditional glasses. At the very beginning, as the glasses are heat-registrant, they were used in chemical laboratories.

Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glass
Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glass

Now, the glasses are used for fancy purposes. In a wine party or in a coffee party, the double wall-glasses are hugely used. This depicts the social standard of the wine party. On the other hand, the delicate designs of the bodum pavina double wall glasses have brought state-of-the-art designation.

Benefits of bodum double wall glasses

  • There are lots of benefits of bodum glasses in comparison to the contemporary glasses.
  • These glasses are double wall. So, they can contain heat longer than the common glasses.
  • If the cold substances are kept in the glasses, they will remain so for a long time.
  • They are toughened, and so, the breakage percentage is lesser than the common glasses. These glasses are also scratch-free.
  • For the capacity of high heat resistance, bodum glasses are used to produce coffee brewing machine and similar other appliances for fancy use.

The using area of the glasses:

Bodum glasses can be used to sip for any kind of beverage. You can use them as water glasses, coffee mugs, espresso hot coffee distribution appliance, cocktail glasses, etc. these are the use of sipping and drinking purpose. You can get lots of fancy home appliances made of bodum glasses.

Available bodum appliances in the market:

Asan double wall glasses: These are used for taking wines and all kinds of beverages in a fancy dine and wine party. The demand of the party enriches with these glasses for their unique and delicate designs.

Assam tea press: This is an excellent kind of tea pressing pot. You can pour hot water in it, and insert tea leaves to make finest quality tea.

Bistro double wall mug: In a party, you can use these mugs for keeping hot or cold drinks as you wish.

Chambord coffee makers: We generally use coffee makers that are made of stainless steel. But, now, you can get it made of bodum pavina double wall glasses. This makes the coffee maker a unique and different type of look as it is made of glass. You will get large to small container coffee maker for your decorated kitchen. Your coffee party can get a special look in the presence of it.

So, be the part of the world of modern and standard glasses to enjoy the happy moments at home or party.


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