Bodum Double Wall Glasses – Women’s Favorite Coffee Mug

bodum pavina double wall glasses

Double walled glasses, for coffee, water, any kind of energy drinks are getting place in every modern home cabinet. In restaurants, hotels, the nice dining area with nice décor make you to feel, “Could I decorate my dining area so nicely!” We cannot imagine how a small set may decorate the home dining area. In the round dining table, the bodum glasses look elegant. The easy to maintain mugs are getting ladies’ favor day by day.


As these glasses are made of mouth-blown which borosilicate-glass, you may enjoy rich aromatic coffee regularly with it. Normally in the labs these types of glasses are used.


Though you use these mugs in microwaves, any deformation in the glass occurs never. Pouring hot drinks into it, you may sip relaxedly. When you are using this cup for regular basis, you may become stress-free thinking its breaking tendency. The handles are flexible as per the mug-shape. When you use the dish washer to cleanse it, avoid keeping any steel made spoon into it. In that way, your cup looks new for longer.


From heavy drinkers to the light drinkers, all the coffee drinkers’ favorite Bodum Pavina Double Wall glasses are grabbing the market. As beer mugs also, these cups are used. You may take frequent or relaxed sips because, the coffee do not get cold very quickly.


When you need a couple of mug and you do not want to expense much dollars for that, options for these mugs do not disappoint you. Within various range, the products are available in the market. From the minimum retaining capacity of 80 ml, these products are available in capacity of 350ml also.

Great as Gifts

In marriage anniversary, you may present such a nice pair of mugs to your relatives. Attending a housewarming party or birthday party these types of gifts suit best. When you want to gift any kitchen accessories, it is hard to find anything better than the double wall glasses.

Best quality but reasonable Coffee Mugs Sources

These days, in shopping malls and in various other types of shops, these cups may not so reasonable at all. Instead of going shop to shop, you may find out a reasonably priced Bodum Pavina Double Wall glass online. There are various glass-made products sellers’ websites. There is no chance to get defrauded with high range and a small cup. In the dedicated online sellers’ site, the product range and liquid retaining capacity is mentioned distinctly. Projection of the exact cup image makes you to get the clear idea for which you are sending your order.

So, enjoy the best coffee sip with nice-to-see coffee mugs in a pocket-friendly procedure.


Aspects that Make Bodum Double Walled Glasses Unique

Bodum is a prominent name in the world of glassware. The Bodum double walled glasses are unique in every aspect. Starting from unique style to elegant design; these double walled glasses are sure to add elegance to the kitchen.

Bodum Double Walled Glasses- A Brief Idea

Bodum double walled glasses are commonly used as wine glasses, but there are numerous instances when they are used as coffee mugs as well. It is a type of Borosilicate based glass which first started evolving in the nineteenth century. Since then it has undergone various changes in the design and style. This particular type of glassware is highly different from the conventional glasses. Boron is mixed while manufacturing Bodum double walled glasses and this makes the glasses resistant to heat and chemical. In addition to this, borosilicate glasses are strong when compared to the regular glasses and they are light at the same time. These unique characteristics are present in the Bodum double walled glasses, as well, because it is a modern version of borosilicate glasses which involves an advanced manufacturing technique.

Aspects that make Bodum Double Walled Glasses Unique

Style, elegance and quality define Bodum brand glassware. Same is applicable for the Bodum double walled glasses, as well. Apart from this, there are various other aspects that make these glasses unique in their own way. Let us have a look:

  • The Bodum double walled glasses are stylishandthey are sure to add an extraspark to thekitchen. Theseglasses are mostlyused as wine glasses, but one can use them forservingcoffee, tea, juicesandvariousotherjuices.
  • Besides thestyleanduniquedesign, thesedouble walled glasseshavevarious operational benefits, as well. Whilehotdrinks are served in theseglasses, theouterwalls of theglassesstayunaffected. Thesamethinghappenswhileserving something cold.
  • They are resistant to breakingandscratches that happen after prolongeduse. Until and unless extraforce is applied to theseglasses, theystayintact.
  • Bodum double glassed glasses can withstandextremetemperaturechanges. On theotherhand, normalglassescrackwhenexposed to extremetemperatures.
  • Bodum double glassed windows are safeforuse in microwaves andanynormal dishwasher can be used in order to washtheseglasses. On theotherhand, regularglassescrack after prolongedexposure to microwave.

Bodum manufactured Glassware is undoubtedly the best choice as far as functional benefits and style is concerned. There are various online stores that offer these double-walled glasses for sale.

Some Perfect Teapots for Your House

Decorating our house is the most important part when you have just shifted to a new place. Decorating with antiques is very fashionable now and people often tend to decorate their house with antiques. Using tea pots as decorating item and for the purpose of preparing tea is very popular today.

You can find many different kinds of teapots some are smaller and some are bigger:-

Your choice certainly depends on your requirement. And if you are planning to decorate both small and large tea pots will be good for decoration. But it has to be something unique with designs carved on it.

Types of tea pots you may use:-

You might be thinking that how many kinds of teapots should be in the list? Maximum one or two but actually there are four to five types of tea pots available in the market each serves a particular purpose.

Iron Cast Teapot:

This pot is recommended for you because this pot makes the best kind of tea and also keeps the tea warm for a longer period of time. Use of cast iron in the pot is the best feature it distributes the heat throughout the pot evenly. As it can keep the tea warm for a longer time it also extracts the maximum nutrients and flavors from the tea. This tea pots also looks beautiful because of the cast iron and is best made in Japan. Bodum Assam tea press is one of a kind and also one of the most popular teapots.

Yixing Teapot:

This is a special kind of a teapot. It is made with a special kind of clay found only in the province of china. This clay is used for this pot because it absorbs the flavors of the tea. But there is only one problem because of this clay use can only use this to make only one kind of tea. This tea pot is mostly bought by the people who want to make their regular tea in this pot. These are mostly smaller in size.

Glass Teapots:

These they pots are very popular these days. The best thing about these glass teapots is that they allow you to see while it steeps. When you get to see the tea boiling and the leaves dancing within, it will give you a unique experience to enjoy. But there is one problem with these glass teapots, these pots cannot hold heat for a longer time and hence you would need a teapot warmer. And the next most obvious negative fact is that it is fragile than any other pots.

Ceramic Teapots:

Ceramic pots are more of a showcasing item than preparing tea. These pots are more colorful and have more designs made on it. These teapots look very pretty and hence serve both decoration and tea making purpose. And the best part about these ceramic pots is that they are much affordable. You can easily buy them for serving tea at home.

Tea pots are of various kinds and styles. And can be used for both kitchen and decoration purposes. Today we have much more in our teapots. The bodum Assam tea press is a new version of tea pots and is now very popular in the market.

Various Kinds of Hairbrushes and Their Advantages

Different types of hair need different types of combs and hair brushes. That is why experts advise people to use the right hair brush to detangle their hairs. There are various kinds of combs and hair brushes are available in the market. You have to choose the right one for your hair.

Here Are Some Of Most Popular And Useful Types Of Hair Brushes Are Discussed:

Teasing Brush:

If you have layered hairs and want to add a stylish look to your personality, then you can use this brush. You have to delicately comb your hair with this brush and your hair will lift section by section. This extraordinary type of brush is highly useful for those people who have a small amount of hair and want to get a puffy look.

Military Hair Brush:

These hair brushes are pretty conventional. These hair brushes come with no handle. You have to hold this unique brush on the palm of your hand and blow it through your hairs. It will give you a similar pleasure of scalp massage. Mainly males use this hair brush. That is why the naming of the hair brush is quite justified. These brushes have more and more bristles. These bristles help the hairs to get a smoother surface.

If you use military brush then you can get a better health as these brushes help to improve scalp stimulation. If you want to comb your hair through back brushing strokes, then you have to choose these brushes. There are different kinds of military hairbrush is available in the market; you can choose a brush according to your requirement.

Normal Bristled Hairbrushes:

Usual bristled combs can be practiced in any kind of hair. Publics, who have lengthy hair, can utilize these hairbrushes. These combs help to suave the cuticle and advance the blood circulation in your head. You can avail many colorful normal bristle hair brushes in your local market.

Synthetic Bristle Hairbrushes:

The spikes of these hairbrushes are non-porous and support to allot the oils in each root of tresses. The bristles are similarly not as stretchy as usual hairbrushes. Hair Experts, often advice people to avoid these hairbrushes.

Paddle Hair Brush:

These brushes are tremendously helpful for traditional straight hairs. These paddle brushes are largely used to offer a reflexology to the scalp. You can get a sophisticated and smooth straight hair after using this hairbrush. Sometimes, straight hair people face various kinds of hazards relating to damaged hair and tangled hairs. If you massage you hair and scalp with this conventional hair brush, you will surely get smooth and long hair.

Choosing the correct brush is vital to maintain a respectable health of your hair. Among these hairbrushes, only the military hairbrush is highly used by hair experts. You may choose your hairbrush according to your hair specialist’s opinion.

The Best Hairbrushes and Combs for Men’s Hairstyling

The Best Hairbrushes and Combs for Men’s Hairstyling

It is evident that women are far more conscious about hairstyling and they are selective about their choices regarding hairbrushes and combs. But the fact is that, every man should be equally careful about choosing a quality hairbrush or comb because the hair quality and styling depends mostly on the choice of these handy equipments. Men can select among a wide range of hairbrushes and combs, but they should be careful about selecting according to individual hair texture and pattern.

While purchasing these hair styling equipments, one should be careful about the quality of bristles. There are basically two types of bristles available and the choice should be made according to hair length and texture. On the other hand, there are different types of combs as well. The major categories are wide toothed and narrow toothed combs. The following list of hairbrushes and combs will help a man to select according to needs and preferences.

Mason Pearson hairbrush
Mason Pearson hairbrush

Boar Bristle Round Brush

This is perhaps the best hairbrush for men. The boar bristle round brush is a popular hair brush which suits almost any hair texture and length. One of the most popular brands that men can opt for is the Mason Pearson Hairbrush, which comes with boar bristles. This particular kind of round hairbrush is popularly known as military hairbrush. The boar bristles are soft and they do not pose any harm to the hair scalp. On the other hand, regular use of boar bristle round hair brush can provide radiant and healthy hair.

Nylon Bristle Round Brush

These round hairbrushes are available with nylon bristles, as well. The density of the nylon bristles can be selected according to individual needs and requirements. Men with lengthy hair can use nylon bristle round brush in order to get their styling perfect. These round hairbrushes can be used to create neat hair styling for men.

Wide Toothed Comb

This particular comb is perfect for men with long hairs. It is mainly used for detangling purpose. Regular use of wide toothed comb can reduce tangles within the hair and it makes the hair look healthy. In fact, this particular type of comb can be used after hair wash in order to restrict scalp damage, as well.

Fine Toothed Comb

Men can use fine toothed comb for styling purpose. This comb is particularly effective for straight hairs because it removes the unwanted frizzes and curls that occur after straightening. Men with straight hair should use this particular type of comb in order to make sure that there are no hidden frizzes or tangles.

Mason Pearson detangling comb
Mason Pearson detangling comb

Wooden Massage Combs

Besides detangling the hair, wooden massage combs help in massaging the scalp. This increases blood circulation in the scalp region. Men witnessing hair fall syndromes can use these wooden massage combs for effective results.

Poor quality brushes and combs might cause harm to the scalp and the hair quality; therefore, one should be careful about quality. Purchasing Mason Pearson detangling comb might prove to be a valuable decision.

Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glass

Bodum Double Wall Glass for Your Sweet Home and Party

Glasses are basically used for fancy purposes. Who does not know the name of Glass-made appliances as cups, mugs, glasses, dishes, etc.? You will get the best set of glasses of the modern world, the name of which is bodum glasses. These glasses are double walled and with improved materials (borosilicate). This is a kind of toughened glasses, and so, they do not break easily. Being double walled, they prevent the outer surface of it to be hot or cold according to the substance contained in the glass.

Traditional glass and bodum glasses

The bodum glasses are really the best set of glasses made with the improved technology. The glasses are made with borosilicate. The German glass maker, Otto Schott, invented this type of glass in 19th century. This is invented with the mixture of quartz, calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate and boron. When the boron is present in the mixture, you will get a toughened glass that is heat registrant, scratch free and lighter than the traditional glasses. At the very beginning, as the glasses are heat-registrant, they were used in chemical laboratories.

Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glass
Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glass

Now, the glasses are used for fancy purposes. In a wine party or in a coffee party, the double wall-glasses are hugely used. This depicts the social standard of the wine party. On the other hand, the delicate designs of the bodum pavina double wall glasses have brought state-of-the-art designation.

Benefits of bodum double wall glasses

  • There are lots of benefits of bodum glasses in comparison to the contemporary glasses.
  • These glasses are double wall. So, they can contain heat longer than the common glasses.
  • If the cold substances are kept in the glasses, they will remain so for a long time.
  • They are toughened, and so, the breakage percentage is lesser than the common glasses. These glasses are also scratch-free.
  • For the capacity of high heat resistance, bodum glasses are used to produce coffee brewing machine and similar other appliances for fancy use.

The using area of the glasses:

Bodum glasses can be used to sip for any kind of beverage. You can use them as water glasses, coffee mugs, espresso hot coffee distribution appliance, cocktail glasses, etc. these are the use of sipping and drinking purpose. You can get lots of fancy home appliances made of bodum glasses.

Available bodum appliances in the market:

Asan double wall glasses: These are used for taking wines and all kinds of beverages in a fancy dine and wine party. The demand of the party enriches with these glasses for their unique and delicate designs.

Assam tea press: This is an excellent kind of tea pressing pot. You can pour hot water in it, and insert tea leaves to make finest quality tea.

Bistro double wall mug: In a party, you can use these mugs for keeping hot or cold drinks as you wish.

Chambord coffee makers: We generally use coffee makers that are made of stainless steel. But, now, you can get it made of bodum pavina double wall glasses. This makes the coffee maker a unique and different type of look as it is made of glass. You will get large to small container coffee maker for your decorated kitchen. Your coffee party can get a special look in the presence of it.

So, be the part of the world of modern and standard glasses to enjoy the happy moments at home or party.